New Home.

Alright. This is official.

My blog has been pronounced dead. LOL.

Guessed most doesn’t know about this yet, it sorta slipped my mind.

My blog has now been shifted to…


Check out that space instead! 🙂



“The moment we stop fighting for each other, is the moment we lose our humanity.” – Jackson


I vividly remember the last disaster movie which I caught years ago.

The Day After Tomorrow.

To think I thought that was good enough.

But not anymore till I caught 2012 this morning.


No worries! Not really gonna have anymore major spoilers in my entry.

But well, just wanna strongly urge all of you to go catch the movie! (:

Comparing the two movies, 2012 has a plot that is more complete.

Love the way how the movie features bits of different countries.

And how interestingly everything ties up towards the end!

Not to mention, the visuals were great.

Albeit it can get a lil “far-fetched” at times.

2h 40mins. Yet another movie that managed to keep me glued to the screen.

Without even feeling a tweeny weeny bit of boredom.

Or feeling like “When is this gonna end?”

Oh yes, for once, there’s quite a fair bit of humour thats well blended into the movie too!

HAHA. there are scenes which i literally burst out into laughter.

One of which. Undisputedly. The whole theatre burst out into laughter. Heh.

What’s a disaster movie without the human touch right?

Yeah, lotsa humanity aspects featured in the movie.

So much so that, i teared quite a lot towards the end of the movie.

And it kinda makes us ponder on lotsa stuff too.

How some human-beings can be so selfish at times.

Yet at the other extreme, how some human-beings can sacrifice oneself for others.

Many meaningful quotes in the movie that are used really aptly.

Though the plot of a disaster movie can be so easily-predicted at times, but i love the little difference in 2012.

Some stuff are really unexpected. At least to me that is.


Just an interesting thing to note.

The characters in the show… Seem to be portraying certain real life “well-known” people.

With a deliberate intention.

Catch the show if you can!

For the longest time.

I guess if my room were to be “abandoned” like what i did to my blog.

It should be full of cobwebs now. HAHA.

Been wanting to blog for the longest time.

But when I could finally afford the time to sit in front of my com and type a blog entry.

I get the “writer’s block”.

Its like there’s so much to say, but you just dont know what to say, and where to begin.

Am sure many bloggers would have the same sentiments as me! Heh.

Very grateful to the invention of micro blogging – Twitter though.

Most of my updates are there (@heartands0ul), but sighhh.

Lately, it has became an avenue for me to rant about my school workload.

Everything revolves around school. And its really gettin’ boring.

But what to do!

Havent been spending much time with family and some friends.

Can’t wait for my holiday break in Dec! (:


Meanwhile, lemme do a jumbo update about what i’ve been doing durin my missing act!

October was simply crazy.

Planning, coordinating bday surprises and buying/making bday presents amidst all the project and assignments’ deadlines every week.

Shall let the photos and captions do the talking!


Happy 21st to Pam! (:


Happy Birthday Jan! SURPRISE failed though. =/


Success to Irene's birthday surprise!


Success to Karen's birthday surprise at Dempsey! No photos of Karen for me to show. 😦 *Hint Hint*


Success to the last surprise! Classic Cherylene's shriek. HAHA.


Got to frequent Timbre a lil more after knowing the resident band – 53A.

Though sad to say, i hardly get to stay till the last set. 😦


The Timbre Clique! Much loves. (:


YES! I bought my Ukulele! Thanks Cherylene babe for acc-ing me there. (:


New timbre buddy - Kee Onn aka Kings of Leon aka Kee OHM.


The day when J passed her driving! And acc-ed me to Timbre with David and gang. (:


Met up with jc classmates more often!

First it was the pj dinner in aug, the recent marche dinner, and karaoke this sat!

The guys are learning Korean. Haha. Got them to teach me a few sentences.

I love to learn new languages.

I miss French. And I wanna learn Korean. Kinda cool being a linguist eh?


The Happy THREE Friends since JC days. 😀


Me and bestie Sisi. We always end up buying similar stuff unintentionally! Thats our chemistry.


Some other miscellaneous gatherings include the PRU bbq at ECP!

Far far far……. Too far for me. 😦


Us in the process of antisocial-ing. Tog with Irene. LOL.


Days with these darlings have converted all of us into total camwhores.


The sleepover gang. (:


❤ this photo. Purple is the colour!



A colourful bunch - Thanks to all who came!


Boohoo. Im bored of my blog design.

Anyone keen to design a new header for me? LOL.





In ♥ with Y-O-U.

I’m gettin’ attached real SOON!!

To a….


Yet to really know how my darlingggg would look like.

But im sure he’s gonna be decent-looking! *beams*


Now im really in a dilemma as to which to get.

I’ve never played a stringed instrument before.

For a start, heard that soprano ukuleles (the smallest size) are best recommended for beginners.

Budget me is thinking of gettin a cheap one.

But yet, i dont wanna end up gettin one that gives me lousy sound quality.

By then, i swear i would be so not motivated to learn the instrument anymore.

Went to check out Davis Guitars at Peninsula Plaza today, thanks to David & Sara’s recommendation.

They really sell cheap ukuleles!

As cheap as $35!

And i must say, one of the ukuleles, really caught my eye.

A pretty, unique-looking red plug-in ukulele, retailing at $65, that comes with a bag!

The only downside to it is, i dont know any other information abt it!

No idea bout the kind of tonewood, the strings, the kind.

The shop assistant told me that “Its hard to tell.”

When i asked him what tonewood is the ukulele made of. >.<

I really dont wanna waste my $ like that.

Will be checking out the Ukulele Movement shop at Farrer Park tml.


Thanks Cherylene for acc-ing me there!

I hope the trip wont be a letdown tml. 🙂

On another note, thanks Bro for offering to subsidize 50% of the cost of my ukulele!

Though i may not express it, but im really thankful and touched by the gesture! 🙂


Recess week is coming to an end.

That means exams are coming.

Doomsday awaits. Lol.

♥ the weekend.

love weekends like that.

simple but i L-I-K-E. 🙂

probably gonna be another ultra long entry.

but i’ll try to give the gist of it. heh.

oh yes, before i go on rattling bout my weekend.

here’s more music vids to share!

the first 3 vids are from david choi.

some guy whom i got to hear about only yesterday.

and came home immediately to youtube his vids.

Here’s his renditions of the covers. Those that i like esp.

I think the 2nd song could melt a girl’s heart. Mine at least. Lol!

Viva La Vida.

How Deep Is Your Love.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

Click PLAY and read on! 


I spent my whole weekend with the lovelies.

Frankly speaking, I really couldnt imagine wats life without them. >.<

Esp Ms J! Who keeps all my deepest secrets. Haha.


Aft a loooong HTHT with pris aft 2102 lect.

I cabbed down to Cathay to meetup with the girls.

G-force 3D was CUTE!

And it made it even more fun with the company of ppl like ms mong and olivia.

Who had never caught a 3D movie before. Haha.

They literally slumped back to their seats when the insects start spilling out.

As if its falling onto us. With the 3D effect. Animated. Funny.

I swear im gonna go watch Alvin & Chipmunks 2 in 3D when its out!

Chit chatted at LJS. Had our usual camwhoring.




And went home early for a friday night!


Met the girls at Ngee Ann City.

For a quick lunch, and to support Nat.

collage1 collage2

Went off to meet KO at cine.
Movie. Dinner. Music.

Everything was great.

Time Traveller’s Wife was a really nice movie.

Its like a bitter sweet lovestory.

One of the particular quotes in the movie really gripped my heart.

It goes sth like this.

“Why did you invite everyone here?”
“Cos I don’t want you to face the pain all alone.” >.<
Somehow, that sentence really seized my heart at the very moment.
Dinner was simple.
But the double choc frappe was good!
Haha, yes yes, anything thats chocolatey would please me.
Everyone knows that. 😛
Live acoustic sets at Esplanade waterfront was goooood too.
Thou it was pretty wasted that they repeated both sets with the same songs. 😦
But its okay!
Cos i saw a UKULELE!!
For the first time in my life. Right in my face. 😀
Glad that i stayed behind. Heh.
Thanks to David, we got to know Sara Wee & Alvin.
Check out one of Sara’s vid.
I love this song. One of the must-sing songs when i go karaoke.
Thou irene always like to make fun of the lyrics.
Got to know other nice songs too.
Like The Show by Lenka.
This song is like stuck in my mind since ytd!
All in all, it was a great day.
Kudos to the great company!
Heh, spent a night doing the handmade boards above for pris.
Happy belated birthday! 🙂
TADA. The recipient of the gift. Lol.
Lotsa cravings recently.
Next targets for movie.
The Ugly Truth. Gamer. Alvin & Chipmunks 2. 🙂


Not enough time?

I really really can’t stand people who make empty promises.

What’s the point of saying something, when you actually don’t mean it?

Being busy is definitely no excuse.

Cos one can always try to make time for it.

You could always fix the appointment two weeks in advance, and keep that day free, isnt it?

(Of course, minus the unforseen circumstances that surfaced last min. But hey, at least u tried rite?)

Sometimes, its not a matter of the time, but rather whether you really mean it.

And i hate it when friends dont initiate anything, and wait for you to ask them out.

And when you do, they give replies like “See how. Duno if i can make it.”

Its not like as if im that free, and i had to wait for you till the very last minute.

When you suddenly realise that you have nothing on that day (cos nobody asks you out), you feel bored, and thats why you ask me out.

I’m NOT your backup plan.

Of course, sometimes, i do know that there are friends who dont mean it. Thats really okay. 🙂

But yet, when some people jus do that ALL the time, you just get so sick and tired of that.


Enough of my rantings.

Realise that i didnt upload any of the flyer photos taken last mth! >.<

I really love the set of photos taken there.

Cant possibly upload everything here. Shall just share a few of my favourites! 🙂











Back to mugging.

Suddenly feeling the itch to go kbox.

Arghhhh, must be junqing’s fault. -.-