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this is gonna be a really short entry.

intended to uploaded some photos initially.

but i reached home too late ytd. =/

oh well, shall leave it till after my camp.

had a bday celeb with my family ytd.

went din tai fung for dinner.

didnt find their food fabulous actually. -.-

anw, i gonna set off for my fass camp in nus now.

be back on 27 june!

beep me instead if u guys need to find me. 🙂


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Less than 48hours to my fass camp.

Excited yet a lil apprehensive. lol.

I got a call from my AOGL, Kristine today.

as early as 4pm++! haha.

Im gonna be in yellow house called Attila.

and my OG is called Apollo!

lol. the first thing that came to my mind..

was the Apollo biscuit. :X oops.

i hope it would be a wonderful experience!


anyway, went to help out in Nat’s membership drive today.

rather sorry that i needa leave slightly earlier.

if given a choice, i wouldnt want to!

cos everybody was having such a gd time chit-chatting.

so glad that the committee and the members are all comfortable with one another.


and i must thank the sweetest Karen & Estelle for their birthday presents!

everyone is early this year. hahaha.

anw, that was a really pleasant surprise from them. 🙂

met dearest siewting after that.

she accompanied me to go do waxing at honeypot.

the pain factor was really like 1 star out of 5?

haha. or perhaps my threshold of pain is pretty high. :X

so now i have smooooooth legs! lol.

went MOF with siewting.

a nice jap restaurant in bugis.

“pang-seh” ed, tricia and shiru in the end.

cos i didnt know i would be eating dinner with siewting la.

and i see her like once in how long. -.-

so yeah…

sorry guys!

it def werent deliberate.

last entry tml, b4 im off for camp.

rotaract meeting, followed by bday celeb with my family tml.

ciao! 🙂


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my tail-less mouse!


it has really been a busy week for me.

gotta finish my stuff, and catch my sleep really really soon.

can you believe it?

my schedule is like already fully packed from now till 30june!


anyway, i received my FIRST bday gift ytd!

bro was really nice to buy me a bluetooth tail-less (wireless) mouse for my new laptop.

and what’s best is..

its a nice matching WHITE colour with my laptop!

im loving it. 🙂

here’s a snapshot of it!

its 11.30pm.

and i JUST finished my dinner.

btw, the banner you guys see up there.

will be there for the time being.

i’ve got simply no time to do a new banner.

so i guess that will do for the moment.

oh well.

i gotta go pack my bag for my camp next week!


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my soulmates.

true friends only come once in a lifetime.

and they are the only ones who would stay by you in times of difficulties.

i dont have many.

but im glad i have a few!

met up with my besties after work today.

got a pre-bday treat from xiaohueeeeey (xioayuan). hehe.

its gonna be my FIRST birthday spent in camps. lol.

given that i would be in fass camp by then. =/

anw, our pretty sisi (sitian) caught the eyes of some army guys.

btw, they’re still in their ns uniform..

in case anyone of you are wondering about how we know.

they stopped her and asked for her number. haha.

she stoned for the next few seconds.

and after a while..

she said.. “errrr… errrr.. bu yao la..”

should have seen the disappointment on their faces. LOL.

here’s a picture that we took!

it took me forever to upload this.

wordpress is really fantastic.

except that i keep getting problems with the photo upload.


wonder if its cos of Microsoft Vista?

anybody with such prob?

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Say Goodbye.


Somehow or another ..

My long companion found out that I’m gonna abandon him for someone else.

So he gave up on me FIRST! 😦


Indeed, I had to pay a high price for my newfound love.

He cost me $2299!!

Plus his extended companion (3rd year warranty),

he’s worth 2.4 in total, =/

I’m like officially broke now.

bought a new hp less than one mth ago.

and now a new laptop.

and yes,

they’re all paid fully by myself.

i just dont feel good about getting my parents to fork out any single cent.

now i feel a HUGE hole in my pocket.

well, at least i WAS financially independent. haha.

what to do?

my desktop was given to me aft my bro changed a new com aft using it for 3yrs?

so, my long companion (the old second-hand desktop) had been around for like more than 6 yrs.

imagine his specs.

700++MB RAM,

Single Core processor.

And to think I survive with it. wahaha.

Anyway, I hereby proudly present my newfound love,

Toshiba Protege M800 E337!


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Time for a change.

My very first entry!


I can’t stand the ugly layout of this new blog.

I swear i’m gonna come up with some banner.

Soon …..

Anw, some might ask..

Why did i shift my blog?

There’s not really any apparent reason.

I just thought that..

the michelle you see today,

is somewhat different from the “michelle” who started the earlier blog years ago.

Too many incidents have happened.

I’ve grown..

Time to move on.

Time for a new look.

In this blog, all you see..

would be the REAL me. 🙂


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