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Exams are over!!

Somehow, every breath of air seems fresher now. lol.

I was totally brain dead ytd when i reached home at night.

Cos i had TWO papers on ONE day.

Gonna be extremely careful in picking my modules next sem ..

Taking my well-deserved short break now,

Before my other commitments all start flowing in.

Camps + Meetings will take up ALL MY WEEKDAYS for the next consecutive 2 weeks. 😦


Went out just to see my dermatologist today.

And guess what?

She has filming today, so she’s not seeing anyone!

The staff said they called me MANY times yesterday night.

Although the truth is, i only received ONE missed call in my caller ID.

And I was having examination when they called at like 6.30pm.

I returned call at 7.30pm, but think they closed already.

So I thought its nothing much,

since they always call one day before my appointment to remind me bout it.

And they didnt try calling me again this morning till noon.

So its like I totally travelled from Admiralty to Buona Vista.

Coupled with all the walking.

Stranded in the heavy rain.


And that’s how I spent my first day of  “true blue” holiday. -.-


Anyway ..

Learnt cooking from mum today ..

I can cook more dishes now!

Though I’ve yet to try it myself. haha..

Spending my time with mum tomorrow.

So nice to be able to spend time with family .. 🙂


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