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Away from Home ..

You know what?

All horoscope resources always claim that Cancerians are very “homely” people.

I might not seem to agree with it when I was young.

But now ..

I think its so TRUE!!

I would start to miss home whenever im away for loooong.

Silly me always sign up for camps enthusiastically ..

But yet doesnt feel excited about the advent of the camp when its nearing.

Jus have the feeling that “I would miss home.” lol.

I guess when one gets older, subconsciously..

one would feel more for their home and family?

So yea, i’ll be away from home tml for my NUS Student Leaders’ Camp.

Guess where is it?

Its at the most hated East Coast Park!! -.-

Just can’t imagine that I gotta report at 8am tml.

Probably gonna wake up at 5am. Sighh..


Looking back at JC, Secondary School, and primary school days ..

I really felt that I’ve learnt and grown a lot ..

To the extent that I no longer behave like a 19 year old.

Frens always say i think like a 20-odd person.

Signs of ageing? LOL.

I guess at the end of the day ..

Michelle is still Michelle..

Im still ME ..

Except that its just the simple me, seeking for stability ..

But sad to say,

certain guys have caused me to lose quite a substantial amount of faith in men ..

Are they true to me? Or are they just making use of me?

Its always the latter ..

Guys who are “轻浮” can jolly well stay away from me.

Sometimes, it just doesnt pay to be nice ..


Lol. On a lighter note,

here’s some photos i took with bestie sitian last fri.

Pity that xiaoyuan couldnt make it.






Sms me if you guys needa look for me!

Don’t leave me offline msgs k? lol ..

No internet access till fri! 🙂


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