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Random rantings.

Oh crap.

*Michelle is in a very stoned mood now*

Cos she jus got her worst results ever.

This is bad. very bad.

Its far from what I expected.

Or should I just say that,

I knew I wouldn’t do well.

But never did I expect that it would be as bad.

Yet its strange that I dont feel as much for it.

Its just a weird feeling.

This is worse than feeling sad.

Perhaps Im still not too used to the system, numbers, and grades.

Maybe Arts really doesn’t suit me?

I should have stayed in Science right from the start.

Or even I should have fought and appealed for my passion in Business.

My friends told me to appeal to Biz.

But thinking bout it again,

does it mean that everytime when I’m faced with an obstacle, i should just escape from it?

This is so unlike me.

My instincts tell me to work much much harder next sem.

And whether I can pull it through shall be another issue.


Regarding my msn nick and fb status msg.

Don’t read too much into it ..

Cos not many would understand unless I tell you about it.

Just going through some emotional struggle.

But I will be fine.


You know what.

I think my weakest point is being too independent.


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