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Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Gosh, i swear this was the BUSIEST week of my life.

*Michelle is suffering from severe sleep debt*

Been sleeping for like 3-4hrs every day.

Appointments everyday. lol

Mon – NUSSU Bash Comm Meeting

Tues – Lunch with RE West perms; Karaoke w/ RE West temps; Recce for Countdown @ Vivo

Wed – New Year Countdown!

Thurs – Meet-up w/ Sg soc lec mates (Cherylene, Nicole, “Pam”)

Fri – Sentosa w/ SLC Og; Trip to Far east (to get geekish specs); Meeting @ Joo Chiat

Sat – NUSSU Bash Photoshoot; Ah Go-Go Roadshow

Sun – Cheng Ho/Kusu Island!

Reaching home late & yet waking up early. Sighhh.

But I really enjoyed my weekends though! πŸ™‚

1 proj down, 3 left.

Guess what? I have TONS of photos to share.

Hundreds of photos.

from photos of my karaoke session, to Countdown @ vivo, to meet-up @ Great World City, to Sentosa trip, to Bash photoshoot, to Ah-go-go Roadshow, and lastly to the trip to kusu island today!

So…. stay tuned!

Next week will be a less busy week,

which means i can start reading my Twilight! πŸ˜€


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