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Jason Mraz


I want to go for Jason Mraz’s concert!!

Why is there only one session? 😦


Seems like i can only indulge myself in his youtube videos for now.

I’m Yours


You and I Both

The Remedy


Look at those videos.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with his voice?


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To be continued..


*Blows the speck of dust away*

Neglected my blog for really loooong.

Back for a really short update to say that i would be gone for even loooonger. lol.

Will still update my blog when i feel like it.

Of course, there’s like hundreds of overdue photos for me to share.

But i guess..

I wouldn’t be online as often these days.

Don’t try to get me via the traditional way of leaving me offline messages k?

It no longer works, at least, not for now. lol.

Just beep me if necessary.

*Michelle thinks its time to concentrate on more impt commitments now*

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