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3 down, 2 left.


im damm glad that my wordpress is back to normal.

so i can finally blog now! (be prepared for a looooong entry :P)

i feel pretty relieved now as im done with 3 papers!

of which, 2 were very heavy mods which i had to study a hell lot for.

but yet at the same time, im feeling really siannnnnn ..

cos my last 2 papers are one week after!

rewarded myself with good budget food at clementi market after exam tdy. (bro’s recommendation)

i think i would seriously miss the times going to sch w/ him, ponning lecs w/ him and crapping during lec w/ him.

after our last paper next week, he gonna grad, and start his perm job in june!

may everything go well for him and new job ..


the only two things that are keeping me REALLY REALLY REALLY motivated, and hopefully keep me going for the week are:

  1. SLEEPOVER at joyce’s house cum chillout @ prata house cum DF night. – we made plans for it since 2mths ago? but just realised that it clashes with mother’s day! hopefully our plan could still be carried out, with minimal changes.
  2. TAIWAN trip w/ pris and xinyun! – a trip purely for food and shopping!


past weeks have been boring as i’ve been mugging hard at home.

im becoming a 宅女. -.-

but! 19 april was a really happening day for me. heh.

met chuen shoon for lunch at amk new york york.

a fren whom i havent been in contact for 1.5 years!

we were really close friends, one of the few male friends whom i really consider as best friends.

(given that im nt the kind who can get along easily w/ guys)

we even call each other 知音!

anw, due to certain circumstances, we sort of lost contact in between.

so nice to see him again. if only we could chat longer. my bad.

met meiyan and went to watch poloboys filming at ccab.

everything was good, except the freakin’ weather.

wish i could jump into the pool, haven’t swim for years!!

i have a couple of limited photos.

all the really nice photos either happen to be in joanne’s or meiyan’s cam.

but it took them donkey years to upload the photos for some reason (thou they upload other photos damm fast -.-)

grrrr .. next time i shall insist on taking everything w/ my cam. hmp..

anw, thats nt the point. haha, here’s the photos:




okayyy, i realised i really have very little pics for the recent filming.

shall post those taken from my cam for the 1st filming instead!





For some reason, the photo upload process is taking really long tdy.

For the rest, view my fb album!

After the filming ended, joyce and i got changed.

and we went to vivo to meet dearest fiona.

Bumped into rudy there.

Such a pleasant surprise!

Yesssss, i will def block out a day before my trip to meet ya. 🙂

Had a light dinner and went to df.

Wonderful night.

All of us were feeling abit sian at some point of time.

But the night ended off really well with everybody feelin happy. HAH.

Joyce got to talk to Shinya cos he actually stayed at our table for 30mins!

And i got to exchange a few sentences with Yutaki and took a picture. Fiona too!

I’ve always been saying that he’s the best dancer i’ve ever seen. Why?

Cos i’ve never seen someone who can dance so freely and always smiling.

He dances probably all kinds of genres. You name it, he dance it.

Its like i can literally feel his passion and joy in dancing. And what’s more, he sings!

Excellent voice. He def has the quality for becoming a taiwan singer. 🙂

More photos:







oh yes, we are not clubbers k!

not avid drinkers either.

at most a cup of cocktail + a cup of coke. lol

in fact, come to think of it, i havent been to a club other than for sch-related purposes.

its a really nice place for people who love music and dance. 🙂

wats more, its FREEEEEE for ladies on sun! heh.


i installed the Twitter widget in my blog recently.

Check it out!

Its at the right hand side columm titled Twitter Updates ———->

Quite cool, at least it was an avenue for me to write when my blog died on me.

Or when i dont feel like typing ALOT.

Twitter is the next in-thing recently, so as a new media major, of course i gotta try it. 😛

Sad thing is, i got no friends there yet!

No followers, and nobody for me to follow either. 😦

Hahaha, go sign up it u wan. 😛



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Save my blog.


what’s up with wordpress man?

i’ve been wanting to blog since few days back.

but the post layout is so screwed!

the words are overlapping each other!

anybody else encountering the same prob? 😦

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…I had mine earlier. 🙂

Accompanied my p2 tutee to wait for her mum after our tuition ended.

I forgot why, but we started playing with erasers.

And i had this sudden idea and taught her how to play this childhood “eraser” game i used to play.

Ever played this “eraser” game whereby each player takes turn to “flick” their eraser.

Whoever that managed to get their eraser completely on top of the opponents’ wins.

Recall that game?

Aft a few rounds, we added this rule that whoever’ s eraser that falls off the table will lose the game instantly.

And somehow, we started trying to “push” each other’s eraser off the desk. haha.

We played 3 rounds, and i won it all. 😛

But throughout the course of the game, she was laughing continuously.

Such unpretentious and innocent smile, instead of what i call a “social smile”.

Such contagious laughter.

Such genuine happiness that was evident.

I miss those days …


Sometime back, or rather last Saturday.

We had a surprise bday celebration for Xinyun, another of my taiwan trip’s companion. 🙂

And we did something real “creative” for her.

Met earlier at Raffles City Starbucks to make her present – A handmade board with a princess theme.

Or rather 7 Princesses and 2 Princes. Haha.

Sab cropped all of us faces and fitted into the bodies of the Princesses and Princes.

And i became Belle! (Beauty & the Beast)

Where’s my beast??!! Haha.

Anw, the entire making process was hilarious.

We didnt know that we were attracting so much attention.

This guy approached us tog with his little daughter.

He asked what we are doing, as his daughter had been eyeing on our board for a long time.

And kept whining that she wanted it too!

Here’s the birthday girl with our final product!



Haha, we had a whole collection of the “fake” princesses and prince.

But i shant post them up since its a private album.

However ….

I thought no harm showing mine to let you guys know how funny it was!!

Purely for entertainment purposes alright? HAHA 😀


I always thought its so sweet to receive such big handmade boards.

Much more value than any other stuff!

That night, we did really “childish” stuff.


Silly girls playing with dry ice.

Fancy getting Xinyun to make a “heart-shaped pose” with her arms and body in the middle of the Esplanade Roof top.

We got her to turn her back while posing. (Lying that we gonna take a pic of her back view)

And we all dashed to hide behind the tree.

Leaving her in her silly pose in the middle of nowhere. LOL.

While we were gone, she even called out to us.

Saying, “Yoohooo~ Are your there? Are your done?”

Haven’t had such good laugh for the longest time.

Ending the bday celeb with a group photo. 🙂




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So far, the results of all my 5 mods have been pretty okay.

At least, much better than last sem.

But i know its not the end yet.

Everything still depends on my finals exam.

Whether i get my 4.0 will depend on nobody else, but myself.

Soooooo, im gonna hibernate for this mth!

I already set up a study corner in my room. Haha.

Please let me go back to my secondary sch mugging days..

I miss that feeling of striving hard for sth, without any distractions.

Kambatte michelle!


On a side note, i had my very first presentation last week!

The proj which i have been working so hard for.

Here’s a photo of my group!

The lady mafia group. :X



I think im gettin OVER excited about my taiwan trip.

its just like a dream come true.

gonna shop till we drop, and dress like a taiwanese! HAHA.

finally, i can get to wear my boots again. 😛


back to my cave! 🙂

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My blog is dying.

Surprisingly, i thought i would be “free-er” in uni, due to the slightly more flexible schedule.

But oh well, im obviously wrong.

Busy with my project assignments for these few weeks.

Tried a lot of new things though.

From coordinating video filming to video editing, to designing format of my powerpoint slides using photoshop.

My dance lessons had officially ended.

No more dance for now. 😦


Anw, im still occupied with one last project.

And afterwhich, its my final exams.

I need a much better cap for this sem!

Wouldn’t be frequently online this mth.

I mean, not even “appearing offline” anymore. hah.


On a brighter note,

Im goin to Taiwan in mid may!!!

Settled both airfare and accomodation already.

*michelle is in a financial crisis now*

any sponsors? lol.

here’s one of the friends tt goin taiwan with me, pris!! 🙂


time to study! 🙂

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