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Few days back, a friend sent me the above song.
And i fell in love with the song almost instantaneously!
Thanks David! For sharing the nice songs. πŸ™‚
Meanwhile, readers out there, you could probably listen to it while you read on.

Anw, the verdict is out.
I should be going to Taiwan.
Unless ….
any unforseen circumstances were to arise.
We did a brief itinery for the trip this afternoon.
I’m really glad that we could still continue for the trip.
But surprisingly, i werent that happy afterall.
Something had been bothering me.
It aint really apt to talk about it here though.
All i could say is, i think i was wrong.

Friends whom i thought were close to me,
perhaps werent that close and sincere afterall …..

My previous entries had been really gloomy.
Hope i didnt ruin anybody’s mood.
Anw, the trip wasnt the only explanation for all the unhappiness.
Its everything else thats within me.

Let’s just hope that the girls could lighten up my mood tomorrow,
for the sleepover.
I can’t wait to see them.
(Though again i was really quite sad when Fiona said she can’t make it. I just hate last min changes.)

Oh yes, i’ve been wanting to say this.
Thanks to those who have been leaving comments at my blog.
I really appreciate that.
Though i am writing for the sake of venting it all out, and not writing for “show”.
It still feels good to see some responses.
You know what.
It takes effort to even bother to come here and read my mundane blog.
But it takes even greater effort to bother to leave a comment.
And i really thank you for that. πŸ™‚

Btw, check out the following video.
Marie Digby – Breathing Underwater.
A song in her new upcoming album.
Yet another amazing voicals.


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The day has arrived.
Time for the verdict.
3pm today.
Wish me luck.

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