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Marie Digby


I wish i went for Marie Digby’s concert at Arena on tuesday. 😦

I guess I probably gotta wait for at least another year to hear her sing LIVE.

Somehow, I find her voice really amazing.

Coupled with her wonderful personality and passion for music.

Here’s one of her originals. Enjoy. 🙂


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Haven’t really been doing proper updates ever since.

Guess its time to put a stop to all emo entries. Shall we?

I think im on my way to recovery. So…

No worries! 🙂

Attended bro’s commencement few weeks back.

My whole family was really happy about it.

Well, it will be my turn soon. In years to come.

But i bet its gonna be diff for me to do honours.

Given my cap now. -.-

Proud of u, my bro!



Last saturday was a really hectic day.

Was busy rooting for Fiona at the Teenage Smash,

and busy playing with my UC og.

But all in all, it was an amazing day.

Shall let pictures do the talking.



Oh yes, wanna thank my UC og for being really supportive.

To stop their game, and walk to the pavillion just to vote for Fiona.

Even though they only know her as my friend.

Thanks guys!

Though Fiona werent one of the finalists, but she claimed 2 titles for herself!

Really remarkable.

Ms Gorgeous & Ms Popularity.

You truly deserve it. 🙂


Oh yes, and i enjoyed the short lil games i managed to play in btw.

Captain’s ball. Monkey. Vball.

Steamboat for dinner.

Probably the best i’ve eaten in Bugis.

Minus the ultra spicy-ness though. lol.

Apologies to siewting and lynette.

Will join u girls next time round!

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Now i’m regretting.

I shouldn’t have even complicated things.

Cos i see no better ending other than the current one.

Sheeesh. If only i could take back my words.

Now i feel like im a really bad friend.


Oh yes, the feeling of hangover sucks.

I think i experienced a lil ytd.

For the first time, i couldn’t walk in straight lines.

Zonk to bed at 1am+,

and only managed to slp at 7am.

The headache was really tormenting.

Shucks. Not gonna let this happen agn.

Last night..

Drank alot. Talked alot. Shared alot. Stoned alot. Thought alot.

But i told myself, thats gonna be the last time this is happening.

Btw, one happy thing was,

I met my primary school friends last night!!!


Anw, here comes the brand new Michelle!

I hope. 🙂

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Pluggin into Chris Brown – With You.


Frankly speaking, i hate the feeling of being gone for a week.

And to come back, realizing that everything else has changed.

Leavin’ me all alone.

All i could say is..

Im in some shitty mood these days.


Really glad that i went for the 2 camps.

And met awesome friends.

Its amazing that i could actually pour out my woes to them.

The other day at Barrage.

But too bad, the story ended even before it started.


Been trying to get myself really occupied these days.

Thanks for all the companion.

As usual, strong-headed me will move on.

In the days soon to come.


If i’m not tellin ya anything,

it probably means i can’t tell you.

No worries, nth to do with family issues though.

And i’ll be fine soon! 🙂


Come to think of it, i should be thankful.

1 week ago, i was still in a dilemma.

Or rather days ago.

But now, everything has been solved for me.

Its probably the best ending ever.


You happy, I happy, everybody happy.

Woohoo! 🙂


St james with junqing tonight.


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Somehow, as much as we (or I?) don’t wanna face it,

we just gotta accept the fact that ..

A relationship isn’t all about mutual liking.

There’s simply so much more to it.

And sometimes things just doesn’t go the way you wish.





Will be going for my 2nd and last camp.

Be back on friday. 🙂

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