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Sweet 16.

Wow. It has been a month since i last pent something here.

The past one month was mostly full of emo-shit.

Many many stuff happened.

Everything is great now though!

(That is if i exclude all the school nonsense thats waiting for me to deal with :X)

I chanced upon this youtube vid earlier.

And i loveeeeeee it to the max.

Come on, go on and click the Play button.

You know you want to. πŸ˜€

Let it run in the background while you continue to read the rest of my entry ya?

Its a beautiful mix of Love Story and Viva La Vida.

Casting the unhappiness one month back aside, i wish everyday could be like last sunday!

Some of the NATurals had a gatheringΒ  tog. I forgot who was the one who organised it.

But well, it doesn’t matter, isn’t it? What matters is, we all had F-U-N!

Joyce aka Ms J, Jan and I met earlier to get Olivia’s present and cake.

The girls had their wanton meeΒ  at far east while i had chocolate milk tea for lunch.

No choice. I gotta save my stomach for the night’s steamboat. Im glad i did.

Gift-shopping. Mega psycho-ing. Cam-whoring.


Ms mong aka Meiyannnn came and join us at vivo rooftop.

Where we plan for our mega birthday surprise. HAHA.

Actually it was nothing much.

Its just to pass her the receipt from AwfullyChoc so that she could collect the cake later.

Show her the bday surprise venue. Camwhore. And to waste her time by making her walk for a damm long distance just to meet us. πŸ˜›


After meiyan went to meet her other grp of frens, we left the rooftop shortly.

Suggested going to the 2 places which are a must-go for me, everytime when im at vivo.

Pet Safari and Daiso!

I saw a really cuteeeee toy poodle. LOVE IT.

Went Daiso to get the board which I need it for x zheng mei aka POK aka pris’s belated present.

Sad to say, school work has been taking up so much of my time that i’ve yet to get started on the present. -.-

Met birthday girl Olivia and Joanne.

In for more camwhoring session while waiting for the other girls.

Joyce and I saw this “Moses Lim” standing poster. Decided to be cheeky and posed alongside with him. Heh.


Just one of the many cheap thrills Ms J and i love to do! πŸ˜›


Jan loves snapping candid moments of us. Lol.

Look how happy Joyce is, lying down on Joanne’s lap.


Finally, at 6.30pm, everybody came.

Time for steamboat! We had 2 tables where me, Joyce, Jan and Joanne shared one.

Haha, throughout the course of the dinner, me and Joyce were super LOVING la.

And we ordered a Lover’s drink to share. Heh. Glad we did.

It was value for money. Jan and Joanne did the same, after seeing how huge our cup is. Haha.


Some lovey-dovey photos of me and Joyce. LOL.

Haha, btw, i think our table was freaking noisy, esp so aft Dale joined us at bout 7+ or 8pm. πŸ˜›

But i just love gatherings like these. Somehow, time spent with all these girlfriends past by really quickly!

Well, i think Dale can officially join us and be our new “jie mei” aka sister. πŸ™‚


Steamboat was pretty enjoyable!

Funny and stupid stuff that we do – yet that could easily tickle all of us.

Joanne and Jan love to blow the “smoke” in our direction.

Choking both Joyce and I.

Ohhh, and I discovered some of our food preferences!

Joanne the FISHBALL girl. (Ate like 30fishballs?)

Jan the SOTONG girl. (No other meanings intended. Hmmm, i didnt mean you are blur. Or maybe you are. :P)

Joyce and me, the HOTDOG bestfriends. (Thats why you see us posing with hotdog sticks)

Olivia the MANTOU girl. (Not value for $$$ leh. Haha)

Shuyi and Yunjia, the TOMYUM friends? (Not too sure about them, cos we are sitting in diff tables)

Dale, the RUBBISHBIN. (He said this himself. Not me hor.)

Anyway, we proceeded to Vivo rooftop to have our birthday celebration!

I think we made Olivia pretty sad. Cos she dedicated her actual birthday to us.

And yet for most of the time, we didnt make her feel like a birthday girl.

No birthday gifts. No cake.

But that was the plan!

Meiyan (who isn’t supposed to be joining us for the day) was supposed to appear with a birthday cake behind her.

And surprised her at the rooftop when she thought that we were just going there to chill out and camwhore.

But oh well, the surprise kinda failed anyway.


Haha, cos Olivia spotted Meiyan right at the start!

When Meiyan was still desperately trying to light up the candles despite the chilly winds.

Anw, we still managed to carry out our bday celeb la.

Followed by photo-taking and all.

Happy Sweet 16 Olivia!! :):):)collage6

Few of us went to check out movie timeslots for Final Destination.

But too bad, seats were really bad.

So we joined the rest for camwhoring and a chill out session.


collage8Haha, love these photos.

Jan and Olivia kept snapping our camwhoring attempts, like some papprazzi.

As you can see, they were mostly candid shots. Lol.

Tortured our birthday girl for a game of “Psychiatrist”

Had a really short truth or dare session.

I was the first to “kena”. But thanks to Olivia, i was spared!!!

I chose Truth. And the birthday girl asked, “So do you like me?”

HAHA. Damm cute. I think she must be thinking that we are still playing the earlier game.

How could i not like you man? πŸ˜›

The day culminated in the last round of Truth or Dare where Dale had to answer a qns on Truth.

Ms Mong asked “Tell us what was the mushiest thing you ever said to a girl.”

LOL. Damm funny. Okay, i foresee more HTHT sessions coming.

Reached home around 12am.

Love days like these. More to come please.

Can’t wait for Saturday! Swensen date with Ms J. πŸ™‚

Sighhh. I think i exceeded the time im supposed to spend for blogging.

Time for me to go back to writing my news story. Ciao.


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