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Not enough time?

I really really can’t stand people who make empty promises.

What’s the point of saying something, when you actually don’t mean it?

Being busy is definitely no excuse.

Cos one can always try to make time for it.

You could always fix the appointment two weeks in advance, and keep that day free, isnt it?

(Of course, minus the unforseen circumstances that surfaced last min. But hey, at least u tried rite?)

Sometimes, its not a matter of the time, but rather whether you really mean it.

And i hate it when friends dont initiate anything, and wait for you to ask them out.

And when you do, they give replies like “See how. Duno if i can make it.”

Its not like as if im that free, and i had to wait for you till the very last minute.

When you suddenly realise that you have nothing on that day (cos nobody asks you out), you feel bored, and thats why you ask me out.

I’m NOT your backup plan.

Of course, sometimes, i do know that there are friends who dont mean it. Thats really okay. πŸ™‚

But yet, when some people jus do that ALL the time, you just get so sick and tired of that.


Enough of my rantings.

Realise that i didnt upload any of the flyer photos taken last mth! >.<

I really love the set of photos taken there.

Cant possibly upload everything here. Shall just share a few of my favourites! πŸ™‚











Back to mugging.

Suddenly feeling the itch to go kbox.

Arghhhh, must be junqing’s fault. -.-


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