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Just came home from RE temps’ chalet a moment ago.

i must say,

it was one of the most leisure and least headcount chalet i’ve ever been to. lol.

the no. of temps was already lil.

plus some pang-seh us here and then.

sheesh. sad man.

but its OKAY!

it was a pretty enriching one.


i mastered BRIDGE!


and i learnt how to wash, and prepare sambal squid for bbq!

oh yes ..

and the girls camwhored like mad too.

i have countless photos to update.

but my thumbdrive seems to be playing hide and seek with me. 😦

will upload all of them up once i compile them into a collage.

lotsa unglam photos!


gotta zonk to bed now.

looking forward to my suntanning session with bestie next week!

i hope she gotten her bikini! haha.



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pre-camp rocks!

though it was more like an OG than an entire house.

[yeasss. thats e total strength of A house as seen in the photo. lol]

but there’s more interactions.

more fun.

more participation.

more bonding! 🙂

beach games were great too!

but i think tug-o-war and dodgeball killed me totally.

im now suffering from all the aching all over my body.

i have difficulty sitting down on the toilet bowl even.


now i can’t wait for o week! whees.


new blog outlook ya?

im still trying to explore ard with photoshop.

my header image looks so screwed. lol.

will be going for chalet this weekend.

lotsa stay-outs over the past weeks.

think this would be my last.

hopefully i’ll enjoy! 🙂

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Gary 曹格.

Been a looooong time ever since I’ve attended a concert.

A pity that I weren’t sitting in the first few rows.

[Once told myself that i’ll only attend a concert if im sitting in front. haha]

Or else I would really be damm high.

But then again, I got my ticket at an exclusive price.

What more could I ask for?

The seats were decent enough!

Centralised view.

Elevated platform.

Not too far away from the stage.


He’s one of the very few singers whom I really admire A LOT.

Frankly speaking, its not about the looks.

[i hope his fans dont see this. haha]

BUT its about his multi talents.

I have always been attracted to musically-inclined guys.

And he’s one solid example,

that could sing, compose, and plays the piano!

I was pretty high in the concert yesterday..

Love the segment which he 自弹自唱..

Love the segment which he entertained us with his inspirational talks,

and lame jokes.

Love the duet by him and Genie.

Love the segment which he did the video-ing.

Love the 2nd last song, 刮目相看.

Oh yes!

Aska Yang was there too!

Really surprised that he came s’pore just to attend gary’s concert.

Too bad he didnt sing or make an appearance on stage.


Saw Nat and Feli after the concert.

A pity that i didnt get to take any photos of him.

They were mobbed by many other fans.

And the sistic staff had to chase ppl away.

And we guess, we should leave the time for new fans to interact with him.

So off we went – since we shouldnt be making things diff for the staff too.

Thanks Karen & Jason for giving us the lift to the mrt station.


Tada! Home Sweet Home.

I miss home. 🙂

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Older than it seems.


I’m officially 19 already.

but it seems that I don’t think like a 19 year old at all.

If you ever test my mental age, i’m probably in late twenties? lol.

I don’t know if its a good or bad thing though.

lotsa stuff happened lately.

i can’t wait to pent all my thoughts down.

yet i just couldn’t afford the time. =/


anyway, i stopped my keyboard lessons already.

it was a really tough decision to make.

frankly speaking, i really have a lot of interest in music.

but somehow, i just couldn’t afford the time to practise.

apart from that,

im using a lousy 2nd hand keyboard.

the sound is reaaaaaally awful!

mum aint supportive of it.


i needa pay for my own lessons..

there’s jus tons of reasons why i had to give it up.


and ..

i jus took a new tutee ..

that means, im gonna be even more occupied now!

imagine, at least for this mth till sch commences..

i’ll be working everyday (mon-thurs) from 8.45am – 9.00pm.


what to do.

i think i need the extra allowance to lessen mum’s burden when sch commences.

it will be best if i can support myself. 😛

or even better if someone can support me.

LOL! kidding man.

time flies.

i wish i was still a kid.

everything would be so simple. 🙂

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Mum and dad are quarrelling.

i hate this.

cos it always make me feel really insecure and gloomy.


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I’m back from arts camp!!

since last friday to be exact. hehe..

still pretty shagged now cos everyday seems to be fully occupied.

were busy with rotaract and post bday celeb over the weekends.

and now clearing up a week’s accumulated of hotel accounts at work!

i reaaaaaaally can go on ranting non-stop.

but no..

i needa sleep EARLY to get back my momentum.

gonna attend Rotary Installation aft work at Conrad tml.

i bet its gonna be yet another late and tiring night.

i bought a NICE dress for tml!

its a simple black corset tube dress.

cost me a bomb.

but i guess, its nt easy to set ur eyes on a dress tt u like, and can fit it well.

will upload the pictures aft tml!


so yea…

this year’s bday was a lil different.

it werent as IMPT as it was in the past.

and im pretty contented as long as the few close frens of mine and my family rems it.

spent my birthday in arts camp.

my og, APOLLO was nice to sing me TWO birthday songs!

and thanks to my “evil twin sister”, michelle for buying cake for me!

not forgetting the ogl, aogl and councillors who chipped in too.

received over 20+ smses in that day.

im not good at words..

but jus wanna thank the following ppl for sending me sweeeeet bday greetings!

chersiong, si min, xiaoyuan, cherylene, sitian, yijun, rudy, dad, hanson, aunt suzie, mich tiah, melody, alwyn, valerie, phoebe, jennie, siew ting, wendy (rtr), karen, eunice, yuan xiao, darren, alvin, cheng hui, bro..

and thanks to those close ones who got me gifts!

wireless bluetooth mouse from bro.

bigger ang baos from parents.

bangle from karen.

swatch from estelle.

halter dress from yi jun.

silver heart necklace from peiting, ch, eunice.

portable speakers from rudy.


gotta zonk to bed now. nites! 🙂

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