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 a very BIG thankyou to all who remembered my birthday this year.

it was a total BLAST.

perhaps it might even be more memorable than my 21st bday next year. lol.

allow me to pent down the details so that it would be remembered forever. 🙂

oh yessss, and i dont needa repeat the story to everyone who asked too. haha.

Sunday – 21 June 2009


One day before, Joyce mentioned to meet earlier and have lunch tog.

And she suggested 12pm.

So i told Karen about the plan. (like as though im the liaison)

Somehow, i woke up late that morn.

Joyce said to meet at Astons cos she suddenly feel like eating there.

(I was wondering, i thought she said she was broke?)

Told Karen the change of plan and she said she might be late,

as she had to run some errands.

When i reached The Cathay, Karen was already there.

We had our lunch as usual.

Till about 1pm,

Karen looked at her watch and said..

“Its 1pm.”

“Joyce, its time to go to the toilet” (Btw, i missed this sentence)

All I know was, at the next minute..

Somebody sang “Happy Birthday to you…” damm loudy from behind.

And when i turned over, i see Joyce, Joanne and the crew with a cake.

Awww, how sweet.

I wasn’t expecting such an early bday celebration at all.

Pictures in the collage above!

Thanks to all who were involved in the bday surprise- Karen, Joyce, Joanne, Meiyan.

Btw, Karen was the mastermind.

She had planned for this way before.

Apparently, the bday cake was the errand.

And i wasn’t the liaison afterall.

Thanks Karen for the limited edition Rat Year thumbdrive, Joyce for the hp strap, Joanne for the Body Shop shower gel; and thanks Estelle for specially rushing down to pass me the $50 Maryjane vouchers! 

Tuesday – 23 June 2009

Dance Subaru

Went Cine to watch Dance Subaru with the fanclub girls.

Awesome and heartwarming show.

I love it.

Was trying so hard not to cry in order not to smudge my eyeliner. lol. How silly.

Usual chit-chat session after the movie till I had to leave.

High Tea @ Equinox


As you could have guessed by now..

Yes, i got my birthday treat at Equinox, thanks to Rudy.

In fact, i was really surprised!

Though I must admit, im really very bad at displaying my emotions.

I even smsed Joyce to share my excitement with her.

And now, i feel so silly. =/

Ahhh, you will know why later.

Anw, to some whom might know, Equinox had been a dream for me.

I have always talked about going up there one day.

Looking down from the 70th storey of Swissotel.

Oh my, the view was spectacular.

The idea did come across my mind earlier, but i thought it was impossible.

As i didnt know that Rudy already ate there twice before in a year. -.-

Anw, after the high tea buffet and pictures-taking.

We parted at Cityhall Mrt Stn at ard 5.50pm?

Cos Rudy said he had dinner plans with another friend.

And from there, i went Buona Vista to meet Cherylene and friends for dinner.

BIG Surprise @ Essential Brews

2 weeks back, Cherylene already smsed and told me that she had asked our uni friends along for my birthday celebration.

We were the first 2 to reach.

Soon, Sab, Jiayi, Xavier and Shiru came.

We ordered our food and all.

Shortly, Ashton and Xinyun came too.

Suddenly i hear the same thing coming from my back,

“Happy Birthday to you…”

There, i saw Rudy holding a chocolate cake on his hands.

And behind him were more people!!

It took me awhile to realise that they were…

my BEST FRIENDS from everywhere!!

Siewting and Cheng Hui from secondary school.

Sitian from pj.

Joyce and Fiona from the fc!

As I wasnt wearing my specs that night, it took me awhile to register everything..

and to recover from the shock. lol.

Apparently, the surprise specialist, Rudy, went to message all my best friends on facebook 1-2 weeks back.

So 1-2 weeks back, these people were already talking and planning for the surprise behind my back!

Anw, here’s some photos that we took.


The little white-pink bag was a gift from the uni clique.

A nice Carlorino clutch!

Haha, Cherylene and Shiru said they specially picked this for my clubbing bag for the upcoming camp.

More group shots below.

I still have alot of photos taken with my uni friends.

But they have yet to be posted.

Shall add on after Shiru and Cherylene uploaded them. Heh.



Oh yes, see the cake above?

They made me finish this huge chunk of cake which was impossible. (Given my puny appetite)

Sorry, but I really tried my best!

Here’s a shoutout to all 14ppl present that night.

i’m really really bad at expressing myself. so many things which i wanted to say and do that night.

but forgot it all. Thanks for making the effort to be part of the surprise!!

I was really touched when I see how Fiona came to me with her bandaged feet, and cancelled her tuitions for me.

People like Fiona and Joyce who came all the way from the northern part of sg to holland V (a place which they had never been to)

And how some of you guys rushed down after work from different parts of sg.

Siewting came after work from Orchard and risked leaving the office even before her boss did.

Xavier, pam, cherylene, sitian and some who rushed down despite a tiring day at work.

And shiru came from school after folding her 300 blindfolds.

And perhaps even more! I didnt get to ask. =/

Thanks Cherylene for being the other mastermind.

You must have really been busyyyy coordinating all these. *hugs*

I think they came from all north, east and west!

Nothing could have described my heartfelt gratitude.

The awesome presents too!

Lip butter from Fiona, belt from Sitian, a bigger handmade board from Rudy.

Sorry that i didnt get much time to mingle with the uni peeps like ashton and xy.

But I hope you guys enjoyed urselves too! THANKS. 🙂

Post-Essential Brews

Took 165 back to AMK with Joyce, Fiona and Rudy.

I agree 165 is really fast!

The bus driver was speeding all the way. lol.

Sat at the void deck below my block.

The exact same position.

Rudy gave me another present.

A song which he wrote for me, to the tune of Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

Lyrics below. 🙂


I think I lost count of the number of presents i got from him that day.

Hey surprise specialist, thanks for all that you had done.

From equinox to rushing home to get the cake and gifts, to cabbing down to fetch my friends, to being my cameraman at essential brews, to the handmade board and self-composed song and the endless cab rides you had to take.

I can never thank you enough for all that. But still, just wanna say agn, thanks for everything. 🙂

*Psst, no worries, your singing will never chase me away. Lol 🙂

Wednesday – 24 June 2009

“Happy Birthday Michelle!”

Thanks for all the smses, wall posts and msgs on fb, and forum msgs.

I hope i didnt miss out in replying anyone of you.

If i do, pardon me!

Btw, thanks JS and CY for the birthday presents too. 🙂

Things could have been better if i wasnt feeling unwell that day.

Was basically puking e entire day. -.-


Met up with Rudy at GV Marina Sq for Transformers 2 after work.

The show was great!

Though i prefer the first one slightly more.

After that, we had our late dinner at Marina sq.

Followed by hanging out by the bay. 🙂


Finally, im done with the birthday entryyy.

Thanks to all who were involved in one way or another.

You guys are simply amazing. 🙂


Oh yes, friends who tweet, join me in twitter!

For those who doesnt, you can see my twitter updates on my blog on the right-hand side. 🙂


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Im rushing to bed.

Have an early day tml before i get my leave on tues! 🙂

Btw, here’s what i did for this weekends.

I shall leave sunday out and include the bday celeb in my next entry.

Saturday – Bonitochico’s Bday Bash with J


Friday – “Drag Me to Hell” movie + Flyer w/ Rudy


Btw, here’s an important task. 😛

Kindly vote for Contestant No. 17 – Yutaki Ong

in the following address.


He is one of the top 20 for the One Million Star 5 PK Challenge.

I really think he deserves the votes! 🙂

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okayy, im damm excited now.

call me a mountain turtle.

i just discovered this cool photo application.

it allows me to put multiple photos into one.

and it has nice frames that i like!!!

Now, i can finally upload all the overdued photos. 😛


DF + Sleepover @ Joyce’s House



NATM2 @ AMK Hub w/ J


MOF + Esplanade w/ Rudy


Suntanning w/ Cherylene + UC DryRun


Baking + Cooking Session @ J’s Hse


Tampiness1 w/ Joyce + DF Trio



P.S Thanks bestie wong for recommending it to me! Heh

P.P.S Aye J, i realise you are in almost all the collages!!

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Some have asked ..

Well, my previous entry was an on-the-impulse kind of post.

Be prepared to see more of such entries.

Btw, i have privatised my old blog.


Anw, there’s this guy which totally freaked me out today.

I was waiting for the train at Jurong East middle platform after work.

Chatting with my friend.

The other train arrived.

As usual, most people would walk damm fast to the middle platform.

Attempting to secure a gd position for them to grab the seats later.

But this guy is C-R-A-Z-Y.

While i was chatting with my friend,

from the corner of my eye.

I saw a man RUNNING at lightning speed towards me.

He was literally sprinting so fast,

as though he’s running a marathon;

or as though someone is running after him with a knife. -.-

So fast that i jumped up in fear,

for it felt that he would just push me down the platform as he couldnt stop in time. =/

He apologized when he finally came to his senses,

aft seeing me jump. LOL.

Somehow, it was quite funny recounting the incident. 😛


Oh yes, like to thank some friends.

At least one thing for sure,

my birthday wouldnt be as boring as last year.  🙂


Tweet tweet, join me in twitter!

My only source of entertainment at work. lol

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Wow, the taiwan trip recounts took me longer than i expected. -.-

Been wanting to blog bout lotsa stuff for the past week, but i didnt wish to interrupt my taiwan trip recounts.

Sometimes, the desire to blog only comes at that particular moment.

If you miss it, then too bad.

So I better blog about whatever that comes to my mind now. Heh.


This gonna be a really simple and short entry.

But recently, there’s this singer who inspired me.

And he’s none other than Jeff Wang.


Somehow, I saw his determination in singing.

He proved that 10 years of waiting is nothing..

for that he could still achieved his ultimate goal by becoming a singer.

Such spirit is truly admirable.

Two songs which I really love from his album.

1) 心碎的记号

2) 函馆本线

Here’s a video of him singing 函馆本线.

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Day 5

We woke up damm late on our last day.

Around 11am i guess.

Cos we all had a very late night.

Think we slept at around 4-5am?

The previous 2 nights were heartwarming.

As we really had lot of fun, coupled with heart-to-heart talk and gossips. 😛

Checked out the hotel at around 12noon.

Went to Modern Toilet Restaurant at XMD for lunch!

Here’s some pictures. Heh.

My very first visit to a themed restaurant.








Went to visit Show Luo’s shop STAGE

where Pris bought 2 shirts.

Freakin ex. -.-

$60 for one shirt.

Went to do some last min shopping at XMD,

and we went back to our hotel to collect our luggage.

Cabbed to a metro station to find XY’s aunt.

Where she fetched us to the Airport.

Really gotta thank her for her warm hospitality man. 🙂

Oh ya, here are some pictures of our cosy room!





On our journey back,

we chatted alot.

Think we were the only ones that were so noisy on the plane. Haha.

Silly us playing with masks. Heh.


TADA! End of trip! 😀

Miss you girls.

We’ll be back soon. 🙂

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