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I’m peeling!

I really love my tan now.

Ugly tan lines aside though. lol.

But too bad, im starting to peel! 😛

Noooo photos for this short entry too ..

But I should have photos to upload after these 2 weeks.

Like what i told Pei Ting,

i’m gonna go into “hibernation” for my final exams,

after all the outings these 2 weeks. :):):)

Dinner with uni buddy tml.

Day out with sec sch babes on sat.

Get-together with jc besties next wed.

Bien. (Good.)

Back to studies!




This is random.

But i’ve always wanted to say this.

I hate ppl who make use of me.



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Its gonna be a short photo-less entry.

Hahaha. Solely for me to do my rantings.

I can’t believe i got sunburnt @ sentosa yesterday!

Cos i already applied sunblock lotion!!

I love to be tanner, but i’ve learnt my lesson.

Applying sunblock doesnt stop you from getting tanner,

it just protects you from the harmful sun rays.

But apparently, i still got burnt.

And to make it worse,

i’ve got ugly tan lines now. 

Its like some thick lines due to my tank top instead of my previous bikini tan line.

Sigh. Its terrible.

Only took a girl’s group photo.

Shall upload when i get the photo.

Oh yes, u know wat’s worse?

I realise I left my water bottle in lecture theatre on friday!

It was a bday gift from my jc besties last year,

coupled with a keychain from my ex-colleague.

Made me so upset! Arghhh.


Final exams is barely in one month’s time.


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Just a very random entry! hehe.

Fiddling with my laptop in school, while waiting for my next lecture at 2pm.

Shows that im damm bored. 😦

Anyway, just to upload the remaining photos from Enen’s bday celeb..

as well as to share a song which i really like. 🙂

Its a song by Derrick Hoh, a contestant from Project Superstar few years back.

Somehow, this song gave me the “Wo Bu Pei” song feel.

Aye, not implying that its an imitation hor!

Just using it to show how much I love this song,

just like how much i love “Wo Bu Pei” by Jay Zhou. 🙂

Support Singaporeans! 😛

Oh yes, started playing with webcam recently again.

All thanks to Enen and Jiaxi. lol.

But I hate the built-in microphone of my laptop!

A lot of feedback, damm noisy. grrrr..

Might be going Sentosa with Siew Ting this Saturday! hoho~

Beach volleyball, and suntanning..

Here i come!

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How nice ..

How nice it is to meet up with all these darlings!

Had post birthday celebration for enen last Friday.

Met at bugis, and off we headed to Tian Tian Steamboat place or sth.

The food isnt fantastic seriously.

Neither is the service.

Neither the hygiene.

Blah blah.

I had thousands of hot dogs and mushrooms that day though. lol.

But, the company was excellent!

Been zilliooooon years since i saw them. hehe.

Think there’s still a couple of photos i took with the whole group,

with the bday girl and etc.

Shall upload them once I got them. 🙂

Im losing my faith.

Yes, something is bothering me.

Not enough to make me upset,

but enough to make my heart sank.

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Happy Birthday!

Its a battle between …

my typing speed and my laptop battery power.. LOL.

as usual, im stuck in school now.

trying to do my final revision for my french test later,

while waiting for Cherylene to finish her exams.

Just wanna do a quick shoutout to the following people:

Happy Birthday babes and hunks! 🙂



Kian Yong


May you celebrate this special day with your loved ones. 🙂


Seemed like I made up my mind.

I just can’t trust them.

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Feeling pretty low recently.

I have no idea what’s the exact cause.

Guess there’s just lotsa attributing factors.

Had a different kind of feeling towards some guy recently.

At least I felt that we have so much in common to talk about.

Yet its just way too early to judge anything now.

Don’t have any time to think about all these now actually.

This week is a crucial week.

French test and my 1500words history essay are enough to kill me.

Till then, au revoir!

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Mid-terms is finally over. hehe.

Finally got to take a short little break over the past weekend.

Though i’m pretty worried for my final exams.

Really think that im not cut out to be in arts.

cos everything is about readings, essays blah blah.

which was what i totally suck at.

mid term results have been alright SO FAR.

but i know i would flunk my singapore soc essay. sighs.

anyway, some photos for my past weekend! :):):)


Met up with bestie sisi after my last paper for “yum cha”.

hahaha. not really high tea la.

its far from that. :X

we met up @ botak jones, in clementi for a short chit chat session.

i love times like this.

short but valuable.

really wanted to ask xiaoyuan along.

but sisi got a family dinner on fri night.

so we merely met for awhile. 😦

nonetheless, we took quite abit of photos!

hehe. pardon all the photos.

we just love to take some “weird + unglam” shots. LOL.

but sisi is still that pretty la. [that explains why even botak jones staff @ a kopitiam will attempt to get her number!! haha]

*I must capture some unglam shot of her one day. oops!


Original plan was to stay home to rest and read up.

But decided to go out with my family, since mum wanted to go amk.

Had our dinner at my usual fave place, Sumo House!

Mygosh. i must really do free publicity for the place. lol.

Their jap food is really CHEAP!

Their set meals, udon, bento set are all below $5.90!!

I had my usual set meal of Tempura Udon that cost $5.90. (pic below :D)

Mum had grilled mackerel and dad had grilled salmon bento.

And theirs only cost $3.90!

Free flow complimentary green tea too. hehe.

Been wanting to chill out at some pub.

Finally got a chance to.

Me and the cocktail Sex on the Beach! (pic below)


Its the day for our Rotaract NW picnic outing!

Enen came over to my house at 11am.

And together we prepared sandwiches for our picnic!

Didnt take any pictures cos i was dressed in very unglam clothes since its at home. 😛

No la, we were too busy to take any too. lol.

Afterwhich, we set off to Botanic Gardens for our picnic cum music concert!

C’est tout! That’s all for my eventful weekend!

Sigh, haven’t watched a movie for long. lol

Anyway, some photos which I have yet to upload b4.

Pic taken by my dad at home.

I was preparing to go out for work – F1 night race,

when dad got me to pose for a pic. lol.

He commented that I put on weight!! hahaha

Met up with besties sisi and xiaoyuan sometime back.

Gosh, we really had a hell lot of fun.

I bet we must have irritated everyone in Mos Burgers.

cos we were laughing like nobody business.

But can’t help it!

Its always so fun to hang out with them. hehe.

See the above pic? It was taken before my haircut.

Sisi insisted on taking a pic of me, with the straw.

Cos the very careless me actually popped in the straw and attempted to drink the milkshake with the inverted straw. Malu-ated.

And to end off with a group photo! 🙂

Haven’t been really happy lately.

Just feel that sometimes friends are not appreciative of wat i’ve done.

Oh well, shall go to bed. Nites!

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