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Quick update!

Sorry guys!

I’m in “hibernation” mode these days .. hehe..

Pardon me if u guys left offline msgs at msn, and i didnt reply.

I havent been logging in msn these days.

Cos i know my “appearing offline” stance no longer works! lol.

TWO last papers to go, on the SAME day!

seriously these two papers are enough to kill me.

cos im nt fully prepared yet! like 60% only. -.-

Just some photos for a quick sharing..

Will be back on 2 dec, Tuesday! 🙂






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Heh heh ..

Happy Belated Birthday Mum!

Didnt mean to blog this so late,

but i was busy with the celebration and studying for the whole of tonight.

So yeah ..

Was doing my readings for “Singapore Society” Soci module.

Family was one of the lecture topics.

This line appeared quite frequently,

“Family is the basic unit of society.”

I don’t know if you agree with this,

but ..

its definitely the most important asset to me.

Just some really simple, non-fanciful photos that we took tonight.

Simplicity = Happiness 🙂


Mum and dad with the coffee cake!


mum and POS! (a word tt only we both know)

With bro showing off his body build. LOL!

Jus kidding. heh heh.

He’s always the fittest to me. 🙂



Mum and me!




both me and bro were hiding behind my mum.

bro says, mum is a tree for us to hide behind. 😀

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No pics to upload!

Cos dear peiting aka edith has yet to upload the photos. lol.

Having a super duper early paper tomorrow.

None other than my History paper.

Gonna write 2 essays in 2 hours on world history!! -.-

WIsh me luck aye?


Anyway.. some “minor” issues happened today ..

which i dont really know how i should react.

laugh or feel sad?

mum took all my huggable soft toys to wash today.

though im no longer someone who loves soft toy now,

but they all bear sentimental values to me.

they are all my memories.

and mum told me smiling,

that i have a duck with a bamboo-sewn decoration hat.

she felt that the hat would be in the way while washing in the washing machine.

soooo …

she took the hat off.

that line didnt really register in my mind initially.

till i recalled and asked her ..

“isn’t the hat SEWN on? how u take out?”

and she replied..

“ya! i pulled it off!”

in a state of disbelief, i said..

“so where’s the hat?”

she replied ..

“oh.. i threw it off..”

i dashed to the bin.

only to find a poor hat and its bamboo remains ….

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Yeasss. Michelle is mugging really hard.

And I jus wish to rant here..

I’m so TIRED!

Imagine waking up at 7am everyday,

travel to NUS from Woodlands.

Study in NUS Central Library till 12.30pm.

Lunch Break.

Continue study till 7pm.

Resume study at 10pm or so at home.

Sleep at 1am or 2am.

Deducting all the breaks,

productivity time is at least 10HOURS non-stop! -.-

And guess what the 10hours everyday are spent on?

Colonialism. Nationalism. WWI, WWII. Cold War. Asian Values.

Totally looking forward to Sunday’s Anniversary Gala.

As its the one and only “official” half-day break im giving myself.

Before 1st final exam starts on the 24th. Sheesh.

Pictures taken last week when Y2J came NUS for a campus concert.

No pics of them though. 😛

All I could say is ..

They are the 2nd grp of International Celebrities that really gave me the “shivery” feeling with their vocals.

Splendid. 1st was Jam Hsiao btw. 🙂



My hair looked damm screwed here.

In case u’re wondering, the white red bag is a goodie bag given tt day.


Found it familiar? He’s Jiafa from 93.3fm.

Host for the concert!

PRU is the organiser of this great event!

Ever wondered how I looked in specs?

There u go!


Nerdy me. 🙂

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Loves of my life.

Yet another delayed post. lol.

Anw,  im taking a short break frm my studies to blog this.

For details, check out bestie sisi’s blog aye? 🙂

They really brought much happiness to my life.

Can’t wait for the next gathering.

Xiaoyuan gonna drive us out for lunch! hehe.

As usual, photos below!


Don’t ask me why I did that. I forgot.

Just me being random and unglam. 😛




We went for desserts after dinner at kfc!

Been a looong time since i ate kfc. lol.

Anw, the new dessert shop at far east level one was fantastic!

Jus look at the two bowls above. 🙂

A series of “dessert-tasting” photos below. haha









Thanks for the prezzies tt xiaoyuan got us frm japan!

Hope u like the presents frm me and sisi.

And in case it slipped my mind (since its the 1st day of my exam):


Suggested an idea to my bro earlier.

Made a pact that we shall have a family tour in 2011.

By then, bro would have already been in the working force for 2 solid years.

I would be heading for Year 4.

And both of us shall cover for each of my parents’ travel expenses.

Its a goal. We will work towards it. 🙂

First family tour.

First overseas trip for my parents.

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Bad sign ..

Think im falling sick really soon ..

Starting to feel the symptons today.

Sigh. Exam stress i guess?

Oh well. what to do?

This is just me.

One whom pinned ultra high hopes on herself.

One whom makes sure she contributes 101% of her best.

One whom is determined to achieve her goals.

Esp when she realised everybody else is doing way better than her.

“Migraine” began his usual visits these days.

Hope he would go off soon.


For now, priority shall be my studies.

Other commitments shall hold. 🙂

Btw, french final exam was finally over on thurs.

Kinda miss it though. Wonder if i would continue with French 2?


Felt a lil sad tdy.

Knew dad’s lousy laptop gonna crashed soon after 3 solid years.

Yet he couldn’t afford to get a new one.

If not for the card debt we paid off last year.

Hence, he had to resort to upgrading our broadband plan.

To get the free dubious laptop.

How i wish i could buy him one.


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Vulnerability of Life..

I really wonder …

Why do people choose to end their life so easily when…

there are people out there struggling so hard to stay alive?

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