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I meant AUGUST. lol

Anw, August has been a really good month I suppose.

Since a picture paints a thousand words,

I shall let the photos do the talking. 🙂

Comex 2008 – 29 Aug 08

P.S I exceptionally LOVE this photo. 🙂

Heartstrings Walk – 23 Aug 08

Birthday Bash -17 Aug 08

Whoever says that fanclubs only consist of weird/crazy people.

At least, not what I think.

Not for the NATurallyNAT family. 🙂

Why such a term ‘family’?

Cos its where I made lotsa new friends!

And it has the most well-balanced gender ratio i would say. lol.

Everybody, or most i would say, is like so comfortable with one another.

Watching fireworks tog, karaoke session coming, dinner + chit chat (gossips) sessions.

And Nat?

he’s just like a friend to most of us – always so nice and amiable. 🙂

Scroll down for more photos!

P.S Thanks to those NATurals who stopped me to get the above photos taken, despite the hectic day! lol


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Amazing talents.

Oh my.

I know I just blogged a moment ago.

But but..

I must share these videos with all of you.

Say It Again – Marie Digby

I could still recall that when I used to visit her youtube page.

She only had that few videos uploaded.

Fell in love with her voice, and her ability to play the acoustic guitar.

And when I visit her youtube page again today..

She has lotsa more songs! – Originals too.

And she released an album too!

Amazing isn’t it?

Good music will be appreciated. 🙂

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No idea whyy.

Been pretty emo lately. lol.

Not exactly emo la..

Just that i’ve been thinking a lot.

Anyway, i finally managed to retrieve my past photos.

Promised the NATurals that I would upload pics on my trip to Ban Pha Taek.

Soo.. here it goes!

Some pictures of the rural tribal village, Ban Pha Taek.

Its located in Northern Thailand, in Chiang Mai.

600-700m high up in the mountains,

temperation slightly less than 10 degree celcius if I didnt recall wrongly.

I remember I took pics of the “toilet” and the hut we stayed in.

But I can’t find it! Sheesh. 😦

Oh well, the following picture is the exterior view of the hut i stayed in.

The 2nd photo being the exterior view of the toilet cubicle i think.

And inside the cubicle,

there isnt any proper flush system.

All there were..

was a HOLE.

Settle your business, and use water to flush it down.

3rd photo being our daily “washroom”..

The area where we brush our teeth, wash our face and all.

Pardon the size of the photo.



Then, we visited the village school.

Yes.. thats how their classroom looks like.

And then, we went on to visit a more established school.

Much larger in terms of size.

And we took some pictures,

lazy to upload all of them.

But look at the kids!

They’re all soooo lovely.

When i was there during my 10 days trip..

I understood what simplicity meant.

Life was simple then.

But everyone was contented and happy.

P.S I look so sporty back then, with my short hair!! Hahaha. self-proclaimed “sporty”. But yeas,

it further encourages me to cut away my long hair now. Still pondering. 🙂

The kids in the village.

A few, being my favourite.

We called him King Kong.

Dont ask me why.. I forgot the reason.

A really nice and obedient boy.

Oh yes, he’s the son of my host family. 🙂

















Def not the way to spell her name.

But yea, the pronunciation is almost there la.

A very sweet girl.

Btw, she was trying to clip her hair with the hairclip that I gave her as a gift.

Guess what?

She left me with the most memorable gift.

Its a developed colour photo of her class.

And she was in it of cos.

Afterwhich, I was told..

It was probably the very first and only colour photo that she possessed.

Cos kids like her dont really get a chance to see such technology gadgets..

Let alone, keep the photos.

Shall end off with this late solo photo of myself.

Yes, bus journeys were really long, tiring and bumpy.

I miss them.


I guess, we often take the ppl around us for granted.

Learn to treasure and appreciate..

Before its all too late. 🙂

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Overdued photos.

Promised to blog about Nat’s Birthday Bash in this entry.

But apparently, I realised that I did not use my hp to take a single photo at all. lol.

So while waiting for the rest to send me all the pics,

I shall upload some overdued photos! 🙂

Arts Camp 08/Pre-camp/O`week













Jam Hsiao Music Showcase

its a music showcase that is all worthwhile.

I love his vocals.

I love his talents.

And Estelle & I got free autographed poster & album,

specially presented to us by Jam himself! 🙂


Suntanning Date With Bestie

We must arrange our next suntanning and running date sooN!



Day Out With Family – Without Bro. LOL






That’s all for all the photos!

On a random note,

kudos to Team Singapore!

At least we’ve gotten our first Silver medal. 🙂

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Just couldn’t be bothered to think of a name for this entry.

Obviously my mind is not working at this time right now. lol.

I do check my blog stats.

And I keep getting complaints from my friends that my blog is so dead.

Oh well.

I do have the urge to blog.


Time Aint Enough! lol.

Promised i’ll blog more often once I settle my acad stuff.


But be rest assured..

My next entry will be photos, photos and more photos! 🙂


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I hate to be sickkk.

I swear I have a damm “sexy” voice now. lol.

Must be the result of shouting too much for the past orientation week.

Fever. Sore Throat. Sunburn.

My blog is rotting. (I know!)

Sch is starting offically next monday.

Hopefully everything will be back to norm.

Look forward to my updates in the near future! 🙂

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I hate bidding.


I got all my modules!


I swear bidding was a headache.

Most impt, i got my french!

Gonna take it tog with cherylene.

SO exciting!



Fine. this is a random entry.

Jus to make it up for nt blogging for so long.

And to express my happiness!

hehe.. gonna rush off to school now.


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