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 I’ve been wanting to post this entry since 23rd Mar.

But the overwhelming heap of project assignments is killing me. 😦

Anw, though this entry came 4 days late.

But still, i would just like to say..

Happy Belated Birthday Wong Si Si! 🙂

A best friend that i would cherish deeply.

A forever place for you in my BFF list.

Some overdued photos from the sleepover we had a few weeks back.

Thanks to xiao yuan’s wonderful accomodation! 🙂



We were playing monopoly at midnight. heh.


Xiaoyuan driving her Proton car.

Out for supper!




Sitian & i were busy playing Pet Society. Hah.

She got really bored waiting to open her 100++ gift boxs,

hence took a photo of me. lol




We didnt play the game though.











Prata at Casuarina Curry.

Damm good stuff!


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True or False?

Well, is it true that as one grows older, one becomes more restrained in a sense?

As in, one would tend to think more, before saying something.

In a way, becoming more restrained in his/her speech.

I find myself less able/willing to voice my inner thoughts.

Why? No idea. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Haha.

Its a pretty sucky feeling btw.


I think i prefer the “me” in earlier days.

Someone so confident, independent and with my own 主见.

Has been accumulating lotsa self-provoking thoughts for the longest time.

I guess.. perhaps i myself dont know whats wrong with me.

Pretty funny how some people can see me as their Role Model.

I must admit, that it feels really good to hear that.

But then again, am i still the ever same Michelle?

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Some might already have known that im learning dance recently.

Well, I guess im just interested in any stuff that has tempo. lol.

The above youtube video is the MV dance that im learning currently.

Left with last 2 lessons. The last lesson would be our formation and “performance”.

Wonder if i could dance like them in my own style? haha..

Getting more interested in dance lately.

To me, its like a time for self-expression, except tt its with e use of body language.

Perhaps i have always been too reserved and restrained.

But now, this is an opportunity for me to express myself freely.

Good form of exercise too! 🙂

And guess what, im so in love with someone recently.

He’s like an idol to me.

Really inspired by his dancing talents.

None other than Yutaki. (photo below.)


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“Women tend to have a smaller personal sphere as compared to men.”

Hmm, i guess the above statement does apply to me in the past.

BUT now, im conditioned to be really really conscious and aware of my surroundings.


Cos people can be pretty insensitve towards their surroundings.

I got freakin’ stepped THRICE in barely TWO hours this morn!

Totally made my day worse, coupled with the fact that im already feelin sianned for having two tests tdy.

The first time round,

i was stepped spot on my toe with the silhouette heels of a lady.

Now I really understand how reflexes work man.

My legs jerked up, following after that, was a reflexive “OUCH”.

To think that Im always proud of my high pain threshold.

The third time was worse.

This guy just mercilessly stepped on ALL my toes.

To make it worse, he made no conscious effort to even utter a word “sorry”.

Terrible insensitive people.

I’ve been wanting to say this.

Its a torture to change trains at Jurong East Mrt Station.

I want my own car!


Btw, this entry has purely no value.

Its just an avenue for me to rant my screwed up inner feelings.

Come on, how many times can u guys see me being so irritated?

Rare chance!


Amazing. I made use of my intercultural comm. and psychology knowledge.

Well done. 🙂

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Yet another 4am?

My one week study break is coming to an end. 😦

It has been a pretty lifeless and crazy week for me.

Been sleeping everyday at 3-4am since last Sunday.

No naps in the afternoon, and i wake up at 10am everyday.

Jus hope that my 3 mid term tests next week don’t kill me.

Haha, there’s one thing which managed to amuse me a lil though.

I hasn’t been signing in to MSN lately.

So instead of leaving me offline msgs on MSN, my frens msg me via Facebook chat!

I can just leave my Facebook page browser open, and the next min,

i see three red windows. lol

Anyway, since this has been a boring week, i shall jus share some photos taken previously. 🙂


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