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Taipei: Here I Come

Will be away from 15 May – 19 May.
My phone doesnt have roaming access.
So i guess i wouldnt be replying any smses.
Not bringing my laptop there too!
I hope i can survive the 5 days w/o internet. 😛
Till then, take care all!


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Few days back, a friend sent me the above song.
And i fell in love with the song almost instantaneously!
Thanks David! For sharing the nice songs. 🙂
Meanwhile, readers out there, you could probably listen to it while you read on.

Anw, the verdict is out.
I should be going to Taiwan.
Unless ….
any unforseen circumstances were to arise.
We did a brief itinery for the trip this afternoon.
I’m really glad that we could still continue for the trip.
But surprisingly, i werent that happy afterall.
Something had been bothering me.
It aint really apt to talk about it here though.
All i could say is, i think i was wrong.

Friends whom i thought were close to me,
perhaps werent that close and sincere afterall …..

My previous entries had been really gloomy.
Hope i didnt ruin anybody’s mood.
Anw, the trip wasnt the only explanation for all the unhappiness.
Its everything else thats within me.

Let’s just hope that the girls could lighten up my mood tomorrow,
for the sleepover.
I can’t wait to see them.
(Though again i was really quite sad when Fiona said she can’t make it. I just hate last min changes.)

Oh yes, i’ve been wanting to say this.
Thanks to those who have been leaving comments at my blog.
I really appreciate that.
Though i am writing for the sake of venting it all out, and not writing for “show”.
It still feels good to see some responses.
You know what.
It takes effort to even bother to come here and read my mundane blog.
But it takes even greater effort to bother to leave a comment.
And i really thank you for that. 🙂

Btw, check out the following video.
Marie Digby – Breathing Underwater.
A song in her new upcoming album.
Yet another amazing voicals.

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The day has arrived.
Time for the verdict.
3pm today.
Wish me luck.

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The Last Mile…

For Now.

Done with 4 papers.

Left with the final one tomorrow evening.

Pretty ironical that i hardly feel a tinge of excitement about the commencement of my 3mths freedom.

Not long ago, it was the day which i’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Counting down to this day with much enthusiasm.

But now?

No celebration plans, not in a mood to “act happy” for now.

In a little corner of my heart, im still holding on to the tiny hope of going for the taiwan trip next friday.

I can’t help to envy those of my friends who have no such worries.

Like Audrey. She’s still going ahead with her taiwan trip on 13 may no matter what.

Of course, to see yanzi’s concert as well.

But why not me?

I’m just hoping and praying that,

swine flu wouldnt be reported in taiwan.

and pris and xy wouldn’t cancel the trip.


Apologies for my moody entries these day.

But i seriously couldn’t help it.

Have been trying ways to pacify myself, console myself, deceive myself.

But somehow, it just won’t work.

Oh well, on a lighter note.

Perhaps i do have something to look forward to.

That is the sleepover at Joyce’s house.

Hopefully that could put me off my worries for the moment.

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Sometimes im amazed at myself too.



I’m sure there would be some people who would think that im lying at times.

As my msn nick could sound sad, but yet when they talk to me.

My sentences are filled with “haha” and what nots, not showing a tinge of sadness at all.



Anyway, im feeling really pretty upset now.

Because it seems that its highly plausible (~90%) that my Taiwan trip will be cancelled.

As evident from my friends’ reactions.

They sorta indicated that if the situation were to change for the better, then we would go on with the trip.

But, how could swine flu be cured within 2 weeks?

Or rather, how much better could it get than the situation in Taiwan now?

At least, there is no confirmed cases as of yet.

Though i could roughly gauge that the 1st case would come pretty soon, given Taipei as apopular tourist spot.

But here’s the ironic thing, i’m not really concerned about it having any cases, but rather more concerned that i can’t go if my friends were to abort the plan.

Anw, i have no intentions of blaming them. Im just irritated by how unlucky i could get.

And i feel so shitty now cos it has been my only source of motivation for me to press on with my exams, as I know that a big rewards awaits me.

But now, its all left to nothing.

Just when i finally made up my mind, to use my own resources to go for my first holiday trip to my dream country Taiwan, all these gotta happen. How unlucky could I get.

Its like i just threw $700 into the drain without getting anything in return. Ouch.

And im now an almost bankrupt, and unhappy girl.

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