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Tired. :(

Been sleeping really “early” for the past consecutive nights.

Average around 4-5am bah. haha.

Its pretty amusing.

Cos I say good night to my mum, when she just woke up..

preparing to go out for work.

I think im gonna flunk my mid-term exams la.

*michelle hates reading*

its a fact that most of my friends know. LOL.

and yet I needa do so many readings!

And I always get distracted halfway. Sigh..

Seriously needa find back my discipline and motivation. 😦

F1 race starting tml.

And im gonna be helping out as an Usher from 4-12am till Sunday.

Hoho. Say goodbye to my grades.

Cos school’s starting on the following day.


Finally squeezed out some time to go for a haircut today.

Simple collage that I made!

Will prob update after F1 race again.

Till then, cyas!


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Avenue for advertisement?


Seems like my blog gonna be transformed into an avenue for me to advertise.

This is gonna be a really short blog entry btw.

Please help my bro to complete an online survey!

It will just take a few minutes of your time,

and I shall give you TWO GOOD reasons why you should do the survey. hehe.

  1. The survey concerns his UNI FINAL YEAR PROJ for his Honours! (Good karma for helping others ^^)
  2. Each completed survey entitles you to a Billabong free gift that is worth more than $15! (Free gift, why not?) 
Btw, the survey is only for people between the age of 15 – 25, and will end by 5 October!
He needs 500 completed surveys!! Please spread the words for me ya? 
Just click on the following link! 🙂
Oh yay. Other than that.
Don’t forget my blogshop too! Whees. 😀

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Gimme ya support! heh :)

Oh yay.

I revived my humble online shop again.


  1. Need for $$$
  2. Interest in business

SO..yeaps! Help me to promote my shop ya? hehe..



the NATurals went for karaoke session w/o Nat some weeks back.

heh. Awesome gathering!

Great music. Great entertainment. Great food.

We were “flew” to Little India for some zi char,

with the courtesy of Jason’s Bird Mobile. heh.

We forgot a group photo! Shucks!

Must be too occupied with the singing. =/

Collage as follows. 🙂

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Uni life :)

Oh yay.

I’m finally done with my history essay.

Perhaps just a little bit more touch up! 😀

So this is uni life.

Play hard, study hard.

I’m loving it actually.

Except the fact that i needa complete heaps of readings.

Since my previous entrys had all been so studious,

i shall upload some photos taken recently. hehe.

Hereby introducing my uni bestie, cherylene!

Amazingly, we wore the same “theme” for our clothes for consecutive 2 days.

Till the extent that people said mistook us as sisters. LOL.

We took photos as evidences! (Though it didnt appear as tt obvious)


Went to Newton Circus for “Alpheus” gathering on a particular wednesday.

Great dinner!

Think we spent like $13 each?

Sumptous meal indeed, coupled with lotsa fun and laughter. hehe.

Went for Arts bash @ Zouk tog with cherylene.

Met up with the rest of Alpheus peeps there.

Camwhore a lil, finished the complimentary jug of alcohol,

and off we went to Dempsey Road.

Cos Zouk was pretty boring after the bash, no one was dancing.

Shucks. The cab driver didnt know his way.

Neither did we.

The rest spent only 5 bucks and reached the place.

We spent more than 10, and ended up walking from one end of Dempsey..

till the other!

And were even stopped by some foreigners. =/

Oh well, we ended up at Wine Company.

Red wine, lotsa cheese, camwhore. 🙂

P.S I had no idea wat i was doing in the following pic. lol

Bday celeb for Pris, Edwin & another of their og mate!

Joanne smsed us and told us bout the surprise bday celeb the previous day.

Heh. so Cherylene and I went to join the rest aft our lessons.

Group shot, and some random shot which Ashton tried to take of me. lol.

Time to go to bed.

Nites everyone. 🙂

P.S Changed my blog header again. I know its ultra ugly! Gimme time, and I will do a better one. heh.

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Just kill me.


Just kill me.

My history mid term assignment is driving me nuts.

Yes, the joyous thing is that..

I’m almost 2/3 done.

But the suckiest thing is…

It took up so much of my time!!

I actually spent my friday night till 3.30am, 

and the whole of my saturday to finish 2/3 of my 1000 words essay.

And what’s worse,

I needa finish the other 1/3, plus my cl and french assignment all by tml.

How irritating.


Okay, jus a random ranting from me.

Ignore me.

-Back to my world-

P.S Will be back to update a proper one with pics soon! 🙂

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Mid-term is coming. :(


Been really busy lately.

Tons of stuff to do.

Mid-term exams is starting in Week 6 – 15 Sept onwards.

And im pretty busy with setting up my own small online shop again.

(Will announce it in one week’s time. Do support ya?)

Afterwhich, one week of holidays.

And I’ll be involved in the upcoming F1 race as an usher!

After holidays, it will be exams again!


On a really tight schedule now.


Anyway, im really trying hard to save $ now.

I really mean, scrimp and save hard.

The monthly appointment with dermatologist gonna cost me a bomb.

a HUGE bomb. lol

And to make it worse, im paying for everything on my own.

Things have been this way a year back.

Saved a lot from my previous 8 mths of work.

But fork out almost all of them to pay for my own laptop, and phone.

Oh well.

My slogan now “Study hard, play hard, work hard!”


To friends, so sorry that I can’t really go out often now!

Can’t afford both the time and $$$. lol.

Some photos taken last month! 🙂

First photo was taken @ Tangs.

Enen and I went to root for Jiabao (better known as Mandy) for her campaign promise.

Courageous girl!

2nd and 3rd photo was taken @ The Cathay,

when I went to support Jiabao for her roadshow again.

Looks-wise she really changed a lot.

Character-wise, she’s still the one whom I know years back! 🙂

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rain rain go away.

i hate rainy days.

it makes me emo.

boohoo. 😦

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